22RE Adapter Kit SNP-22-750-A

SNP-22-750-Adapter kit for toyota22re from SNP Speed

The 22RE has been around for over 30 years and in the last couple of decades we all have fought with issues like the infamous Air Flow Meter Calibration or tuning and TPS calibration has always plagued any performance enhancements that the 22RE enthusiasts have strived to succeed in upgrading the performance and efficiency of their vehicle.

In order to fix the problematic Air Flow Meter we replaced it with a trouble free MAP sensor. Next to ease the lengthy process of properly calibrating the TPS which is now as easy as 123.

The next question is what Programmable Engine Management System would be worthy of such a task? What system would be robust enough for the amount of punishment the 22RE lovers can give? What would be reliable, dependable, and sophisticated enough to make sure you make it through your trail, corse, or race and not only do so but to operate at peak efficiency every time?

We the EFI specialists at SNP Speed Innovations have chosen the state of the art Haltech Elite series Programmable Engine Management System. Haltech has been around almost as long as the 22RE and in fact started in 1986 in Australia and over their 30+ years of existence have won multiple championships in various forms of motorsports all over the world. This kit can be installed in as little as 3 hrs and comes with a startup base map, from there further tuning will need to be done. The Elite series comes in many different sizes but for our 22RE kits we have chosen the Elite 750 for its size with the Haltech wideband o2 sensor and for features like:

  1. Internal map sensor good up to 30 psi of boost Removes the factory Air flow meter
  2. Internal data logging
  3. Boost control with scramble boost
  4. Launch control
  5. Nitrous wet or dry control
  6. Short term fuel trims
  7. Long term fuel trims
  8. Full 3D fuel and ignition mapping
  9. Complete tunability for naturally aspirated, turbo, supercharger, and nitrous
  10. Compatible with individual throttle bodies
  11. Flex fuel sensor capable for E85
  12. Engine safety protection methods
  13. Water and environment proof
  14. And is completely versatile

This Kit Includes:

  • Haltech Elite 750 ECU.
  • Wide Band o2 Sensor for closed loop correction and internal data logging.
  • Made in the U.S.A. Sub-Harness.
  • Conversion Harness.
  • Air Temp Sensor.
  • All necessary Pins and Connectors.
  • Startup base Map.

This Adapter kit is fully capable of managing anything from stock or mild builds trying to get away from the restrictive factory air-flow meter to a full race Stage 5 builds and even boosted applications, Turbo or supercharged, street, off-road and even full race setups, it can handle it all.

Approximate install time 2-3 hrs

SNP Speed innovations has designed this kit for off-road use and may not be emission compliant.

Automatic Transmission Vehicles will require an adapter kit.
  • Adapter Kit
  • Wideband O2
  • Base Map